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Terra M  
Saturday, 17. March 2012 19:07  Write a comment Send E-mail

I have been addicted to Pizza Hawaii for a few years now. (well more than just a few years... since they came to Puainako!) We LOVE their pizzas, and if you've never tried their Pizza Bakes you do NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING!! (my fave is the New Yorker!! But their ALL ONO!!) Within the past year got brave enough to try their"antipasto" salad, all I can say IS WHY DID IT TAKE ME THIS LONG TO TRY?? Sorry kids but Mom ISN'T SHARING!! All of their dressings are made right there and you know it's true from first taste.
If you haven't tried "PIZZA HAWAII" yet, you are SO MISSING OUT! Yeah, those other pizza places are okay, but who wants "okay" when you can have "DA BEST"?
Keep up the GREAT JOB Pizza Hawaii, you make me so happy when it's PIZZA WEEK at our home!
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